Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador

What I Love About My House

What I Love About My House

What I love about my house is I’m not alone. I get to live with my family, and my comfy room and cozy bed.

My house is on a quiet street where I can play and be safe. There is lots of food and good things to drink. I love to look out my window and watch the crazy squirrels and birds play outside. I like to play inside my house. I like to help my mom bake cookies.

I like to play with my dog. Her name is Dory Doodle McGrath. She is a yorkie.

We have lots of family and friends who visit us at our house. In the summmer, we BBQ and in the fall, we have fires in the backyard. In the winter, we stay warm and cozy by drinking hot chocolate after we play in the snow.

But the most important thing I like about my house is living with my family.