Grade 4

Saltspring Island
British Columbia

What I Call Home

My mom was not in a wealthy family and I always thought that it made her a better person because she knew how it felt. So, she helps others who have no food, shelter, water, etc.
Two of my brothers friends live at the shelter and my mom’s friend is a lawyer so he is going to do something about it (his name is Jeffrey). I sometimes have had a dream of my family losing our home and woke up crying! Some of my brothers friends even live in a bush and steal! They have been banned from 2 grocery stores (we only have 2) and 1 coffee shop (salt spring coffee ). My mom’s motto is (when I want something that is not reasonable), “Lots of families wouldn’t be able to even have dinner.” Before I was scared of homeless people but now I hang out with them all the time! If I didn’t have a home I don’t know what I’d do. I’d miss the times when I’m lying in my parents bed and my dad is reading me the BFG. I snuggle beside him and just listen. I have always felt sorry for everyone who doesn’t have a home. 90% of the time I’m respectful but the other 10% of the time I just don’t know who I am.