Grade 6

New Brunswick

What home means to me Essay

Olivia Bradford 6H
Mrs.gallant LA
November 4 2016
‘LIVIE! WAKE UP ITS TIME FOR SCHOOL’ my mom hollered down the stairs I just ignored her. ‘OLIVIA!!’ she repeated once more ‘ok ok im up’ i slowly got out of bed and quiqly turned on the light . Then picked out my clothes for school and got dressed i sped up the stairs and got some milk and sereal . For breakfast I put on my sweater and …. ‘BRRRR ITS FREEZING!’. My mom then reminded me ‘ hurry up or you will miss the bus honey ! ‘ok mom love you see you after school !’ .

As i walked to the bus i looked back and sighed and thought to myself ‘man i wish i was in bed snuggling my stuffies.Sleeping ‘, I finally reached the bus stop and waited for ten or fifteen minuts thinking about peting my cat . The only place i could find my cat is my house cause its her home to. The bus arived after ten minutes and got on the bus the bus driver greated me with a friendly hello .

I sat in the front row and waited the bus was playing music but I could not hear it . Mostly because of all the many MANY kids chattering !.Thoughts of my school work drifted around in my head . The bus normally gets to my school after about twenty or twenty five minutes. Sometimes I bring my tablet but I forgotten it today .

Then I opened my lunch to see what my mom packed me for lunch like I normally do on the bus every morning.She packed me a sandwich and some string cheese and some delicious cookies . But not just any cookies home made cookies three chocolate chip cookies. And they smelled just like my home .and the bread smelled like my home to .

Over al is that home is a place were I feel completely safe .And always welcome and its somewhere I can let loose after a long day . A home is were you can relaxe ,somewhere your mom is to wake you up for school in the morning home is were your family cat lives .And this is what home means to me .