Grade 4


What Home Means To Me and Maybe Everyone

Meaning of home

Home is a place you’ll never want to leave
Home is a place you never should leave
How would life be without a home?

How is it being home?

A place of peace and silence
A place of love, where crying is okay
A place where you can be yourself
A place of kindness
Home is where your love is
I just wanna come home

Welcome home

Take me home!
Where is home?
Home is no longer a place for me
Home is now in my arms where i wish i could be

What do i get when i get home?

You get food while others suffer
You have a roof so you don’t get soaking wet
You know you are safe
You should be thankful

Do i compare?

Home is a place you don’t need to compare
Why do you need to?
What do you get if you have a bigger home?