Grade 4

New Brunswick

What Home Means to Me

Home is a special place where funny moments and family moments happen. A home could be anywhere. You could live in a hotel, a cave or a house. A home is a home if you love in, because a home could be anything.
A home means coziness, comforting, crying, squealing, screeching, and much more. Homes are very important to us so that’s why we love our homes. You could still have a home and not have much money like you could live in a cave or somewhere else outdoors.
How I feel about homeless people… I think that it’s sad that so many people in the world homeless right now when you about it that means tons of people are homeless right now so if you think your home is small think about not having a home.
How were very lucky to have homes… Were very lucky to have homes because it means that we have a place to stay safe, warm and sheltered take a moment and think about not being able to stay safe, warm and sheltered.
About my home… My home is a house with lots of things in it like chairs and tables and sinks and much more. I love my home very much and I could never dream of being homeless.
Family… you don’t need fancy technology to have a good home as long as you have family you will have a good home. You don’t need I pods and computers and I phone 6s to have fun you can have a lot more fun with your family more then with technology.
What happens in my home… Great memories are made in my home and also lessons learned, funny times, crying, screeching and much more and that is what home means to me.