Grade 4

Moose Mountain
New Brunswick

What Home Means to Me

What My Home Means To Me
Home is where all of your memories happen. My home is very important to me. It’s where you grow up and your family makes it the best. Your parents do a lot of things for you. Your parents and siblings make it sparkle. You need love to live. I think everyone knows that no kid out there needs all that expansive stuff. Like computers, I-phones all you need is a roof over your head, some shelter. You have to have some type of shelter and heat or warmth. You have to have love and kindness.
Not every couple or family have a home or a house but they have some type of shelter to survive in. Some kind of liquid to drink and food to eat. It is all you need. You don’t need a home to survive just some shelter.
My home is extremely important to me but all you need is a roof over your head and love.
I love my house and my life, my family is my life.