Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me
Home can be more than one place, it can be a place where you are year round, or simply just a place that you are one, two, or three seasons each year. I am lucky and have a home that is in an amazing city in British Columbia that I live in year round with a loving family. My amazing family is built up of my sister, dad, mom, dog and of course me. We have made memories in the current house I live in and have lived in my whole life. My parents have thought about moving but we decided not and that we should just fix up the problems that we are seeing and that is what we have done so far. If we moved I would be upset to leave the home I have lived in my whole life and made memories in. I realize that some people once had a home much like mine with some memories in it that they still will never forget, but for some unfortunate reason had to leave. Someday hopefully will live in an amazing home built by Habitat For Humanity.