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What Home Means To Me

Home is a place were you could live a good life. You celebrate birthdays, and have special holidays. Home is also a place were you could be happy. like having a nice and warm bed at night, but even if you don’t have a bed at night, as long as you have a home you will be fine. home is a place were you could maybe have your own space to your self. Like, just your own little space were you could relax and think about what you did that day. Home is a place were you are loved and protected by people you love and care about. Home is a place were you should feel lucky, even though most people have a home, you should still feel lucky you have a home. Home is were people help out, support others and live a good life. Everyone should be happy and have good friends. Home is a place were you play with family, like me, every Saturday we have this thing called game night were we play outside, we play stuff like hockey(witch is my favourite sport) and Frisbee also play board games.