Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me

What home means
To me

Today november 1st my name is bianca vaters and i will be talking about what home means to me.So the first thing that my home means to me is…

Family-my family they love me,take care of me,feed me,play with me,and they always give me a good night kiss.

My second thing what my home means to me is…

Privacy-will for me i want privacy for getting dress,using the washroom,getting a shower.

My third thing what my home means to me is…

My home-my bed is cosy,warm,and safe.

Now i will be explaining all the things i said what home means to as i said about my family not everybody has a family some parents get divorced like my mom and dad now i have a stept dad and a step mom.will i’m not the only child i have 4 brothers and 1 sister 2 step real dad lives in salmon cove and now i live in kingston with my real mom.
Now the next thing is privacy will not everybody got privacy i like to have privacy so nobody can disturb me like if you are using the washroom it will be really disturbing if somebody is watching you use the washroom.
Now the last thing is my home my home is the most important thing in my life not every one has a home people with out a home are called hobos so if i win i will be so happy if a person has a house because of the winners but i don’t care if i win i only did this so a person can have a better life.

So thank you for reading what home means to me!