Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

what home means to me

What home means to me.
Home is such a amazing place.Some people think that everyone has a home,but there are people that are homeless.They don’t have food and nowhere to sleep,they have to sleep on the cold hard ground.I think that is wrong. I think everyone should have a home.

People out there may have gotten kicked out of their own house because they aren’t wanted. They aren’t special to that family or person.

I personally think that home is somewhere you are comfortable and you feel safe,you feel free.There are many things I love about my home,but I feel loved and cared about in my family. When the fire is lit I feel very cozy and warm inside.Every year I tiptoe out to the Christmas tree,but some people can’t have that experience.So that’s why I think everyone needs to have a home.

A home is about making traditions and memories.I think people need a roof over their heads and not an old bench on the side of the road. Many people don’t care about that,but I am someone who really cares.There are people who don’t have someone to look back on, because they may have kicked that person out.Home means happiness and home cooked meals,not living on the side of the road eating scraps someone has thrown out of the window of their car.

I think a roof over your head is something you should be thankful for.So you should think about that next time when you say “Oh I’m starving!” and then think about how hard it is for a homeless person to get a single fry.I am very thankful for my family and food to eat i am so thankful to have a roof over my head.