Grade 5


what home means to me

Home is a place where you can go, Home is a place where you will always be happy, Sometimes your down, but don’t worry,okay because home is……………… a place where you can go. Someone is there don’t worry, don’t be scared, because I will be sitting right here at home. Just listen to me hear this story………………….

One day, far away. A guy was walking down the street. Then comes a very little girl. She says to the guy ‘’why are you lying on, The dirty ground .The nice man said because I don’t have a home .The little girl said ‘’WHAT, how can you not have a home. The guy said ‘’I don’t Then the little girl said what is your dream? The guy said to have a nice home. Then the little girl said what if I can make your dream come true. The nice man said I actually like that idea! So then the little girl rushed back to her house, and said to her mom and dad when I went for a walk I saw a man lying on the street, He said he didn’t have a home an I was so shocked. Honey said the mom some people don’t have homes. The little girl said why can’t you make him a home? The parents were talking for a bit. Then the parents finally said yes. So the little girl went back to the spot but the guy was not there. She waited for a week but he never can back to her. The next day the mom and dad started building a brand new house for the man. When they were done the man went to his new home, and was very happy about what she did for him