Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

The difference between a home and a house. Is that a house is some ordinary house with no memories being made in it. But a home is like a beautiful place where everyone likes to be. In a home you learn how to crawl, walk and talk. You share so much wonderful memories. You laugh, you cry. All those things are special when you grow up its nice to look at old family photos and remember all the good times you had with all your friends and family. Unless you don’t have a home. Some families can`t afford having a home. They can`t afford to give their children good education like we have. They can`t give toys or all the happiness they deserve. But we can make a difference by giving donations to Companies like habitat for humanity. Companies like them build homes for the homeless on a low rate. Habitat for Humanity needs your help we can help by donating to companies like them. We can make a difference we can change the world and make the world a better place for everyone. just remember when you make a donation you make a big difference even though you might not even know it. But now the rest is upon you!