Grade 5


What home means to me

This is what I think home means to me. I think home is anything you want it to be. A home is, filled with peace and harmony. A home is where you care you also care everywhere. I think about it every night how it is a delight it is the best thing in my heart it also got a good start. Sometimes during holidays, I smell candles burning they smell great. Care if you dare you care everywhere. Sometimes I get mad but that makes me sad. Think about the people with, out a home. They would not know who to be or what to be. They would have a little family so save a place for a family is this is how you see. Do something fun for everyone to have a place to sleep have a home of your own or have a big, family there is a home right next to me. I sleep in my bed my stuffy.
I sleep nice and comfortable under my blanket it is nice and cozy. It keeps me safe when it is a snowy day also when it is a rainy storm. It is a lucky place every day even when it starts to rain.
It feels like fluffy clouds and rainbows it never makes me sad it always makes me glad. I invite my friends sometimes we laugh and play until it is time to go. Home is very nice place to be it keeps track of my family. Thank you for reading it thank you for meeting my story about home.