Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me

There are a lot of things that people say what home means to them. like shelter and other things but what I think home means is just being around the people you love like family. The other things that I am writing about are friends and I am also explaining why I am writing this in general.

Family, some kids do not have it. Some children do not have beds or toys or other things but I things family is most important. That is exactly why I am writing this essay. So kids can know the feeling of parents waking them up in the morning for breakfast or for school. Or The feeling of a sibling or parent walking you to school because you are to scared walk by yourself.

And friends, I think all kids should have them. And once again that is exactly why I am writing this. So kids can go to their friends house after school and live a normal life. So they can have slumber parties and pull all nighters or play video games. There is nothing like it.

If you have not noticed already I am writing this because I want children and families a to have a average, every day life. So the know what it feels like to have a home. So they know how it feels to go to school and have friends and maybe a pet.

In conclusion, please just pick one essay so at least one family or child that do not have a home can have a home and know the feeling of having a casual happy life with family and friends.