Grade 6

St. Albert

What Home Means to Me

My home means the world to me! My home makes me laugh and it has many memories. To me home has marks of things you’ve done and places you’ve been. Home simply isn’t home without memorabilia. At home you can be proud of what you have done and where you have been! Home is the place where you can be you and everyone deserves a place like that! When you go someplace, it’s nice but it can never be better that coming home and seeing the things and pets you know. No matter where you live or how old you are everyone should have a home. There are houses sure, but they don’t share the same memories as a home. Home is where you’ve laughed until you can’t breath with your best friends and where you read your favourite book with your parents. Home is where you celebrate share sad times, share frustration and share silly times. You celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving at home (On Thanksgiving remember to be Thankful for your home) Home is where you laugh cry and smile(: home is simply as they say, where the the heart is. Home is something you’ve built together with your family. Something you have improved together and something you have remembered and something you WILL remember. No matter where you go you will always come home.