Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

The meaning of home to me is that you are safe and loved. A home is where you can always get through thick and thin situations. In home you have a wonderful family. You do not need to have a mom and a dad you could have two moms or two dads you could even live with your Aunt or Uncle or your grandparents. All your cuts and bruises will be healed in your home. You have a family that cares for you and appreciates you. A home is where you can dream whatever you want, act as old as you want and as long you can be you. A home means a lot to me. I also feel bad that people lost their families and pets. If I did not have a home I would be really sad. A home is warming, cozy and comfy. Home is where you can feel free. A house is not as familiar to you as your home. In your home you have a whole bunch of memories. When I got my first dog he barfed in our home. We now have a lot of stains and marks from his barf. I have a lot of memories from my dog. A home is where you have memories and they stay there for a long time and you will always remember what happened. A home is where your memories are safe and locked up. A home is where you can feel welcomed and loved from your parents or guardians. Things you do as memories will stick and stay in that home.