Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

A home is where you can be unique and be yourself. It’s where you can tell secrets and sit on the couch and have tea and chocolate. When you have a home it unique to you, it’s not the same as that person’s down the street or your next door neighbor’s house. Home is where you have family to love you and hold you. It’s where you can watch movies and TV. It’s also where you can be your weirdest self and blast the music. Your home is special to you and to you only. When you have a home you make memories that are like memories about your childhood. Your house locks up and keeps your memories safe like if you draw on your closet doors and make a mess that will always be a memory. A home is where you can make a mess with yarn and clothes or even put nails in the wall to hang things up. Home is where you can make bumps and bruises on the walls that will always be there. To me, home is never perfect and is never going to be no matter how hard you try to make it. Home is also where you can throw things and paint things and even light things on fire.[ Although you should never light your house on fire]