Grade 5

Lac du Bonnet

What Home Means to Me

Home will always give you feeling.
Home will make you feel safe and comfortable.
It will make you proud you live there.
Home is not just the building you live in, but the town, city, country, or province where you grow up.
When you have a home you have the privilege to have pets, more food, and clothing for any season of the year.
But also, home is where anyone feels welcome. In your home you and you friends feel welcome to stay.
When it makes you feel safe and comfortable you know it’s where you’re happy to be and live. It’s comforting to know you have shelter and a family. When we say family we mean anyone close to you, anyone that make you happy. Where you live and what your house looks like matters nothing compared to what home is. Home is not thought about as the colour of the house, nor the house itself sometimes, but the place you feel you can let it all out.
So all of this, is what everyone would like to share. I hope this essay will help give someone else the chance to have a loving home.