Dayna Marie

Grade 4


What home means to me?

What home means to me? It is a place where we can be very happy, a time were we can spend with our family , share some laughter and. fun. A home is a privilege to have because it is hard to be homeless.I wish people will consider all the possibilities to be helpful , kind and generous.It is very important for us to help and share our blessings to the poor. I feel so sad to the poor and homeless who lives in the shelter. everyone should have there own home so, they will feel happy and comfortable . I hope I can help them.
A home is a safe and comfortable place where I can share my feelings with my family. All homes are nice in different ways , but we always say home sweet home. I always feel happy when I am home. when I grow up I want to help the people that are homeless and share them feeling of happiness , safe and comfortable every time your home.