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what home means to me

What Home Means to Me
Coming back from a long day at school I slam my book bag on the ground. I jump in my bed and it makes a big noise. I feel happy to be home as my pets welcome me back to my home. While I get a snack, my pets follow me to the kitchen and then my mom walks in and says “Hi.”
Home is my shelter, a place to shield me from wind, rain and snow. Home is a
place where I eat and cook my meals and have clean water. When someone says home, it reminds me of my family and of my soft bed in my room. It is where I live and play.
Home is a safe place to be with my pets and family. Home is a place where we spend time with our family and friends. Home is a nice place to be every second of the day. Home is a good place to be because it is always relaxing and warm even on those cold winter days.
Home is a place where memories are made. Special holidays, birthdays and other events are spent at home with my family and friends. If my friends asked me what does home mean to me? I would have to say that it is my safe place in the world. Spending time with my family and friends are what makes up my memory’s of my home.
My home is where I feel like all my needs are being met. I will never go hungry or be cold or be alone. I sometimes wonder what my life would be like without my home and family.