Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home, a lot of people don’t have homes. I’m very lucky because I have a home. I wonder like what it’s like if you don’t have a home. This is what a home means to me …
My home is very important to me. I have food and water and a comfy big bed to sleep in. When I get home from school, a lot of the time, I spend time with my family. Usually we play games or watch a family movie. Sometimes we don’t have time, but most of the time we do family night on Friday.
When I get home, my family and I play fun games together. Our favorite games are Monopoly and Boggle. I am happy we still have the game Monopoly because when I was 4 years old I would destroy all of the board games.
In the evening I eat peaceful dinners with my favorite family. My mommy usually talks about how school is going. My mom, dad and I are the only ones at the table that talk about how are lives are going. My two little sisters just play. We also usually talk about how school and work is going. My mom and dad both work. My dad’s work was not going so well in the beginning, but it has gotten better.
When night comes around, I go upstairs and get into my very warm and very comfy bed. I put my hands together and I pray. I pray to God for what I have, because I have everything I need. I thank God for my bed, food, family and a safe country to live in. There is no way to thank God enough for what I have. To me, home is part of my family.