Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

I would like to tell you what home means to me. I find that home is very magical. Home is a place where I feel happy and welcome. What makes me feel welcome is when I come home, my family comes to say hello and it makes me feel warm inside. When I come from activities like choir they applaud, and my heart doubles its size. The difference between house and home is that home can be anything. It can be a house, apartment, street, or teepee – anything, as long as you feel safe. My home is a house. But yours might be an apartment. Safety in my case is from the bad weather, all the wildlife, the night, and bullies. In my room, I have my comfy bed where I lie down and relax. I sometimes like to sit in my rocking chair and read a book. Reading makes me happy. I feel I can express my feelings at home. When we are happy, I hear cries of joy and laughs of glee from me and my family. When I’m not happy, I go to my parents. They make me feel happy by telling me everything will be all right and that I’m perfect just the way I am. I love being with my family. They comfort me! That’s what home means to me: feeling happy and being with my family. They tell me to think of how fortunate I am. And I do just that.