Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

If I think of home it would mean to do the chores like do the laundry when needed, a home to me would be to trust others and not to lie. A home is the feeling that you get like “home sweet home”. a home is to be yourself you don’t need to be perfect at a home. I would want a home to be safe walls, friendly, and protection

But the main thing I think of home is my family if i didn’t have family I wouldn’t have nobody to bring me to birthday parties or sleep overs, I wouldn’t have anyone to sign me up for sports and thats why Im thankful for my family. I just can’t even think of being homeless imagine no bed to sleep in at night you would feel like there’s nowhere to go and no place to stay, no place to eat, no job, I am so grateful for a place to stay a place to eat because there is no home for you and loving parents to tuck you in at night or no one to help do the dishes.
That’s what home means to me