Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

A home means to me as a place to stay for animals outside. A home is shelter of us to stay in a home with enough space for everyone to live in a home. A safe place to protected family friends and etc. A home is a good home fitted for a certain family and you need a good space for it or it will end up like a dog house if you give it to a person to live in they won’t want to live in it the give a reasonable home to live in. Also the same thing to go with heating you want a home with nice fireplace to keep warm in the cold and air conditioner for the heat in the summer. A home when you get one you want to have a all parties of the home you don’t want a home with no dry wall you want with drywall to stay warm. you don’t want a bottom half of a home then you will get wet and you don’t want just the top half you will sleep on the hard floor wet mud and bugs you don’t want that you want a perfect functional home with things to keep you protected.