Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me
By Ella Simpson

This is about everything home means to me: how I feel at home with my family and how I think people should feel at home.

At home I can share my feelings without being laughed at. At home my family always asks if I am OK and tells me about how they felt when they have been sad, mad, disappointed and afraid. They would tell me how their parents would help them by sitting with them and giving them advice. When they do this it calms me down and I know they understand how I feel.

Where I live, people have faith in me and encourage me to do good things in the world and do well in life. My family and friends always believe in me. For example, at my last cross-country meet they told me I could do it, that I could do better than I did the last time. They were right. The first race I came in 77th place, and in the second race I came in 73rd place against stronger runners.

My family spends time with me and cares for me. My family and I love to play games together. For example, we play Ticket to Ride and Mastermind. We also play games outside like soccer and volleyball. We read together at night. Currently, we are reading Land of Stories.

At home I feel understood, encouraged, believed in and loved. I hope everybody feels the same at home with there family.