Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

In my house I have a great family. In my house I have a puppy and two sisters, a mom and dad. When I walk outside I see a huge yard with a pond with lots of fish in it and a swimming pool and a hot tub. I have a great school with lots of awesome friends and an amazing class. At school I also have a great teacher who is nice, kind and fun to be around. In my home I feel happiness when we all sit down for dinner altogether. I feel forgiveness because when I do something wrong I am forgiven. I am lucky to have God and Jesus in my life. They help me through my life and love and care for me. My home is also a place where I can pray without getting in trouble. I am lucky that I have a place to eat, sleep and have a shelter when it is cold outside and when it is rainy. I have a family and God is watching over me. I am lucky that I can read the bible too. My favourite story is the beginning of the world. I have friends and family that love me. Even if we don’t get along sometimes. I am still so blessed to have everything I need. My favourite part about being in a family is that you are loved and you can be yourself.