Grade 5


what home means to me

What home means to me

I think the true meaning of home is a place you can play safely and be yourself.

It is a safe place to play because you know that you have friends close by on your block and I’m sure your neighbors watch over your house when you’re gone.

Home is a place to be with your family and play games. At these times you can be you because they are your family and friends, they do not judge you, and they love you no matter what!

Arriving at home, after a long day, there are cozy covers and a nice fluffy pillow to rest your head and let your dreams fly. When you are scared you have a cover to hide your head from pretend monsters and know that they’re not going to get you. When you are sad, home is a great place to curl up and cry. When you’re happy, your room is a really great place to play with friends, and it doesn’t matter if they are real or imaginary. When you’re angry you can rest your head and think of what made you angry or just think of the things that made you happy today.

At home you can cry and count stars in your backyard, play games with your family and friends, or just take a nap. That’s why my home is so special to me.