Grade 5


what home means to me!

when I go home after school I fell a bunch of things, safe, loved, conferrable, and its nothing like a house. I went to go see butte and the beast in Toronto on my way there I saw 5 homeless people on the street asking for money. The oddest part was all of them had no money in front of them. I felt so lucky that i had a home to go to when i am felling sad, tired, or even scared. I can go inside and fell safe. Now what makes a house a home? When you first walk inside a house you see a building with walls, a roof, and a door. But how do you know its your home? Do you fell happy, exited, and do you have memory’s. Its thing you cant buy. Imagine, someone dose not have a home. Like Dorthy said in the wizard if oz theirs no place like home. But a lot of people dont even have a home. A home is supposed to give you haplessness and put a smile of your face. There are so many things people say about their home like home sweet home or theirs no place like home, and ah home again. but sometimes people cant say those things. BUT WHY! I know because they dont have a home. They just have to sit on the streets and hope that someone nice will take them home. But in reality that dosnt happen very often witch is very sad. So habbatait for humanity is a grate charity because who knows someone might finally have a home.