Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

A house is just a couple of walls but you and your family make it a home. It’s where memories are made with you and your loving family. You celebrate your birthdays, your family’s birthdays and many more occasions. You share love, laughter and happiness with your family in your home.
A home, is your safe place. You grow up and learn in it. It’s the first place where you went when you came from the hospital after being born. It’s where you said your first words, it’s where you learned how to walk and many more things.
Not everyone has a place to call home. They are known as the homeless. They live on the streets with nothing to eat. They don’t have a job which means they can’t prevent bad things from happening to them such as falling very sick. We are lucky to have a home with food and we have what we need. I’m lucky to have a home with everything I need. I try my best not to take it for granted because I know it can easily be taken away from us. We cannot do much as we are just kids but we can still help.
We might not be able to help everyone, but the ones we can, will make a big difference. Imagine how hard it must be to be homeless and have no food, no money and no one to help. When they ask for money people pass by them and ignore them. Homelessness is a struggle for them. We cannot imagine how it feels to be them or feel what they do. They would be happy if you can give them two dollars, they do not ask for much.
Let’s help them to get a home.