Grade 6

New Brunswick

What Home means to me

Nora Poirier
Mrs. Gallant/LA
November 4 2016
What home means to me
“Get up Nora.” I hear my mom whisper shout then I hear click of my light switch, I pull the warm blankets over my head “maybe two more minutes.” I groan to myself. “Get up.” My mom say yet again “fine.” I tell myself while my eyes adjust to the light. I’m in my room my safe place, but not everyone has a safe place and that’s why I’m writing this.
First we have it easy a lot of good people don’t have the comforts we have, including a home food or money. Be honest, how many times have you seen a homeless person on the street and walked a little faster in hopes that they won’t see you or even go out of your way to avoid them. Homeless people are people too. They were once just like us. With a little bit of help homeless people live like us once again.
Secondly a lot of people do have a home but are having a very hard time and have to move often. The people who do these people are most likely living on minimum wage or social assistance. In many cases these people don’t have a lot of money and they have to ask for money on the street. This makes me so sad.
I am very grateful to have a home. Every day I have a place to go where I don’t have to worry.a home in my perspective is a place where family is, where I make memories. My home is one of my favourite places. I know my home will always stay the same.
For those reasons I think everyone should have a comfortable home. A place to make memories and be with family. I wish that our world will take a turn for the better and everyone will be warm and cozy in a nice home. Maybe one day everyone will be ok.