Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Imagine a world without homes, where we all lived on the streets, sleeping in woods, being cold and freezing, nowhere to be alone, nowhere to stay safe. This is why I’m very thankful for my home. Firstly, home is the only place where you are safe from your problems. Think about it, whenever you’re sick, sad, angry, hungry or thirsty you want to be at home. Home is where you’re free to rest, cry, reflect, eat or drink without anyone judging you. Everyone needs a home. Secondly, you do family events, neighbour parties, and many more activities at your house. You also can be alone at your house, even if someone’s there (lock yourself in your room etc,) but whether you’re alone or with other people, you can always have your needs met. Lastly, homes are what keep you entirely safe from danger. Homes do not let strangers in, they make sure you’re protected, that’s their job! Without homes you could be eaten by an animal, be violently hurt by someone no good, freeze to death, or robbed. Without homes, most of us wouldn’t be here today. To end it off, everyone must have a home, because without one it’s extremely, amazingly hard to live.