Grade 6

Sault Ste Marie

What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me
Home is where memories roam,
I roam but I always end up back home.
Home keeps you warm,
It keeps you safe from the cold storm.
Home can be bright,
with all that light.
My home is not big,
and has no sand box to dig.
So much joy,
maybe its just a toy.
Home is awesome,
it’s like a blooming blossom.
Some people have a home,
and some just have some foam.
Enjoy your home well it lasts,
because it could fade away like super fast blasts.
Big or small, fat or tall,
homes come in all shapes and sizes,
but all are like prizes.
If you have a home cherish it,
and if its small don’t throw a fit.
A home, is a home.