Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

I think what a home should have is SAFETY. Safety in a home should have responsible parents and a safe, nice structured home in a good neighborhood.If you don’t have a safe home then you probably won’t feel safe. I know I wouldn’t feel safe!

Clean / responsibility

What I think a home should have is parents that take responsibility in making sure that the kid and adults have clean clothes to wear because you wouldn’t want to wear dirty clothes or no clothes. I know that I certainly would not want to do wear no clothes or dirty clothes. Also another part that the parents should do is make sure that the family has a clean home with a warm bed and nice furniture. Without a clean house it will be harder to get around and harder to find things and everyone needs a warm bed. Another thing I think parents should take responsibility for is making sure their kids have fun holidays because a kid should have the belief of Santa, the easter bunny and the tooth fairy. I know that I believe in santa , the easter bunny, the tooth fairy and lots of fun kid things like that.


I think that love is really good in a family because without love there is no happiness, joy not even fun . There really is no family without love. With love you can conquer anything together. Also with love you can work as a team. Love is in your heart you need it to live!

What No Home Means to me

If I didn’t have home I would feel sad and lonely because I would have nowhere to go. Also if I didn’t have a home I would be confused . I would be confused because I would be wondering why me. Not only that but I would feel not safe because I would not be protected. Another reason why I don’t want live without a home is because it would be very scary.