Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

A home is a place where you are comfortable and warm. A home is not a home without a family. A home does not have to be a building it can be a burro or a cave. It is your home sweet home. A home is where you live and where you eat. Homeless people have no money, no food, no water, no cloths. We need to help the ones that have no home have a home. A home is where people wish to stay where you are born. How much people are getting sick? We have to help them because they’re getting really sick and maybe we can help them by giving them a home. They can get jobs and all that stuff that they need. People need a lot of food and water to survive maybe even close. You should think about how you would feel if you had no home. Families are what keep you company. Families are the ones that care for you and love you.

Home sweet home!!!!!!