Grade 6


what home means to me

What Home Means To Me.

Home to me means a place of solitude. A place I can lay my head at night and just say anything. My home makes me feel safe, protected and free. The reason why I feel this way is because I know that even if I have a bad day at school or at sports or if someone is bullying me I can always come home and feel safe.

If I know I have to cry I can just cry, or if I have to vent I can vent. If I have to swear I can’t, but I can it write down (even if it’s horrible) because I know nobody would ever look at it.

Or if I’m hurt I know my mom, my dad or my brother will always help me. My home is more than walls around me, it’s where my heart stays and where my family lies. My home is not just a place in the world where I go to bed, where I eat, where I play. My home is my friends and my heart. My whole life is where my home is. It may be my friends, it may be my family or it might be my school. Home is everything I love, everything I cherish and everybody I cherish. Even if somebody doesn’t have a place with walls around them they still have a home, because home to me is where your heart lies. It is not a materialistic object. It’s a place where you can be happy,sad,angry,or truthful.In conclusion, a home to me is more than a materialistic object. It’s a place where you can be yourself.

“a House is made of Bricks and Boards.A Home is made of Hopes and Dreams.”-author unknown