Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

A home needs family because if you don’t have your family in your home with you who is going to cheer you up when you are sad?

A home also needs love because if their is not love in your home because then who will kiss you good night. You need love in your home also because if you do not have love then that is basically like not having your family and you have to have your family.

Two other things that a home needs is trust and fun because if you do not have trust how are you supposed to give a secret to someone if you can trust them. What is a house without fun…BORING some fun things that you can do at your house are play sports,play video games, play outside play with toys or you can play with your friends.

Being homeless means that you don’t have a home to sleep you sleep on the streets or something. If you did not have a home you would probably be missing all of these thing and much more like having a safe Environment to live in, having lots of food and water.

That is what a home means to me!!!!!!