Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

This is what home means to me. . .

Friends And Family

To me a home needs to be surrounded by friends, and needs to have your family in it too. Friends and family are important, because they can cheer you up, and make you feel special. One common feeling, that even adults still feel, is when you come home, and your mother is there, you just get this strange feeling, that makes you feel warm inside, because you know that your mom is there, and she cooks for you, and she will do anything for you.
I always feel great around my father too. Some people might not think that family, friends, or nice people in your neighbourhood is an important thing, but no! If you don’t have any friends in your neighbourhood, then there is no fun in living there, and what are you going to do if you are bored, and have nothing to do? I always like to visit my friends houses, and we always have a good time. If you don’t have enough room for some of your family in your home, then where are they going to live? Or if you don’t have enough room for some of your visiting family, then where are they going to stay? Sometimes people have family that live nearby, but some people don’t, but most kids live with their parents. Trust me, as a child’s perspective, I think that it’s wonderful to live with your parents, and it would be nice if some more family lived around here! If you don’t have friendly people as your neighbours, or friendly people in your neighbourhood, then you might end up getting bullied a lot, or not really have many people to talk to. What would my family do if we couldn’t trust anyone to be our backup keys person?! I enjoy being surrounded by a friendly neighbourhood, did you read that? “Friendly neighbourhood.” Friendly has friend in it, so that counts as anyone you know well, and is nice, is your friend.


Another important thing that homes need, is safety. A home itself, has to be safe too. If your house is poorly built, and you pound it too hard, it might crumble, or fall apart. Another thing is that your house should be in a safe place, for example: your streets. Are your streets very busy? If the are, then it’s not very safe to cross at certain places, and it may result in several crashes near where you live, and then there could be leaking oils, and gasoline, and fire, and so on. Is your house in the city? It probably is, that means you need to be careful about crossing the streets; you don’t want to get hit, so you look, listen, and pay attention, that will keep you safe.

Fun And Education

One thing that I like the most is the fun in having a home, and being near school, or where I can learn. Fun is important to a home because if you don’t have fun, then you have nothing to do, and you get bored. Fun is what I look forward to every day when I get home from school, or any activity that is not at home. I also love school, so it’s awesome to be near a school, or where I can learn. Learning is important, and going far every day, just to learn, can be frustrating, or annoying, or even tiring. If being near a place where you can learn is still not important to some people, you should think again. If you don’t learn, how are you going to stay safe? Or how are you going to get a good job when you get older? Education results in fun, and fun and education is, important, and well… fun!

Clean And Lively

What happens when your home is in a very dirty place? Can that be dangerous? The answer is: yes, that can be very dangerous. If you lived in a very dirty place, and then you trip on something, then where will you land? You could land in something bad. Also if you live in a dirty neighbourhood, then it will always be dirty, and gross, and not safe. Some people always keep things clean, and so your neighbourhood should be clean too. I love it when I see people walking around, getting some energy. It also shows that some people, (like your friends) are moving around, and you could go with them to the park, or a local pool. Another thing about having your neighbourhood lively, is that there are things going on, so there are lots of things to do.

My Place

When I walk home, it is my home that I am walking to, and my home is special to me. For a lot of people (I bet), when they move, they think: “I want to go home not just some house!” or they might be moving to a apartment, or something like that. Sometimes times, when I am on a long road trip, I feel like going home, to my home, where I am safe and welcome, and am surrounded by love, and joy, and happiness, and things like that. A home is not just a home, it’s is someone’s home. When you say: “I want to go home!” you mean home not anything, or anywhere else. Home is special because it is, and will always be yours, even when you move, it still is your home in your heart, and even if you move, or leave, it was your home.

I Have Everything

One very important thing for me is that I have everything I need, in my home. I have food, water, clean air, and things that I want. I have all the food I need, all the water I need, and all the clean air I need. I have lots of everything I need. That’s one very important thing you need in your home, because you may have a home, but what about the things you need to survive? If you don’t have food, water, and clean air, after a while, you will die. That’s why it’s very important to have food, water and clean air.

This is what home means to me.