Grade 6

Lac du Bonnet

What Home Means to Me

A home to me is where you should feel safe because your family is there and I feel like they will protect me. A home is something not many people have and wish to have. A home is where you are dry and somewhere you can look forward to going to at the end of all your days. I know my home gives me a special feeling greater than any other but some people don’t or can’t have that feeling.
When I think about the people who don’t have homes it makes me feel sad for them. Because when I do, I realize I am so lucky and I think everyone should have homes. I think – no I hope – we can help the people who don’t have a home and give them a chance to actually feel like a part of the world, part of a family, and to have friends or a friendship. I feel like homeless people don’t have a voice or rights. It’s rude to think of them as individuals at least in my opinion. I think home is a place that gives us a warm feeling that all of us should feel. Most people don’t have a home can’t afford it and usually live on the streets or in a shelter. I have almost had to go to a shelter and I felt scared that my home would have to get taken away from me. I didn’t want that but I’ve experienced fear of leaving my home and it almost always makes me burst out in tears. I want to help people get money to make or buy a house. I know this exact essay might not win but at least I can help the homeless. I also know this exact essay will make a family happy by helping them fund money for their house.