Grade 6


what home means to me

What Home Means to Me!

Home is a place to be loved, and a place to be respected and to be treated the way you want to be treated. Home is a peaceful place, and a place that you can have your own privacy. Home is a place you can cry and weep softly, and home is a place that will sweep you off your feet with delight.

Home is a place where you took your first steps and learned to read and write. Home is where secrets are made and discovered. Home is a place to grow older with your family. Home is where you learn to tie your shoes and learn your ones and twos. Home is not just a place it is somewhere to let out your feelings and emotions it is somewhere to lie down your head on your pillow and pull your blanket over you body to keep warm it is somewhere to get clean water and eat your daily meals. Home is where the heart is at when you are at home you are with friends and/or family,it is a place to love/be loved,a place to be silly and hold all of my birthdays. At home everybody has a favorite thing to play with or snuggle with when the are mad or feeling down,sometimes people don’t have those things so it is hard to settle down and that is okay as long as you have home ,family,and friends. Some people just think a house is all that matters but not really as long as you have a home, even if you live on the streets doesn’t matter as long as you have a home if you live in a hut made of mud doesn’t matter as long as you have a home the streets can be your home a hut of mud can be a home a igloo can be a home anywhere you live on a corner in a hut an igloo as long as you laugh play have/celibrate your birthdays even just live with your family that is a home. That was not even a full description of what i can imagine of how to describe a home. Home is a place to have all your good and bad times. Home has became more and more important to me over the years because i am 11 years old now in grade 6 and i am learning about how many people live in poverty every single day over 80% of the world’s population lives on less than 10$ a day and most don’t get to have the privilege that i do to have a home and i feel so sorry for them because not being able to have this privilege that we do is very bad a some people come to realize that 80% of the world’s population is living like they are and they are spending that 10$ on things they need and us kids get a 1$ for chores and go spend it on candy and they could put it towards kids that don’t have money for a home. Home a very important thing because i gives you shelter a place to have fun be silly and have fun with your family and friends,celebrate,make memories and things like that will stick with you your whole lives and that is a privilege for us kids today. Home can mean multiple meaningful things that plenty of people don’t know what they are and some of which i can not even describe and for me to say that i feel like i should know how to but the truth is i don’t and for people who can that is a huge opportunity because they can save people’s lives by creating charities for families whom are living on the streets. Home is a place to live life to the fullest love until the and laugh like theres no tomorrow. Home is a place like no other you could not stand a day without a home and the people who do i feel so bad. Home is the most important thing to me home is my life, home is my all, home is my everything. Life without home would like life without friends and family and just thinking about that is making me tear up life without home is like life without love it is nothing. Home is somewhere you can be yourself where your can let your inner evil shine through home is where you can talk the good and bad days away. Home is where you talk about all your problems that you had earlier that day or at school. Home is a place to build trust with your family by telling the truth no lies. HOme is somewhere to be there for your parents or siblings if there is ever any problems like coming down with something or if a family member gets sick or injured. Home is a place to get help with school work and talk about bad grades and how school is going and sometimes even just to talk. Home is a place where family is there for you and nobody is there to discourage you or put you down. Home is a place to cherish every moment that you live your life through. Home is where you can feel free to do what you want. Home is a place for your family to care for you and you to care for your family. Home is the one and only place to make us feel like us happy and comfortable. A house is something you live in a home is something that comforts and holds you. Home is where you go to escape reality to escape the pain, bullies and it is a place where you don’t have to worry. Home is not warm from the fire alone it is the warmth from the heart that is shown Home is where you can show what you are feeling a place where there is unlimited healing. Home is Where i make happy memories with the mom and dad that i would never trade. Home as you can see is a very important place to me.
By: Jocelynn Brown