Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

June 3rd 2007,
The day I was born…….I was in the hospital

June 5th 2007,
When I first came home, I saw the new house I was going to live in for in for the rest of my life. I felt immensely special

June 3rd 2013,
I am know 6 years old, I have learned about how there are people out there who don’t have homes and that I am so lucky to have a home. My parents promised that we would never move again.

May 1 2014,
My parents broke their promise. We left our house along with all the memories inside it. I was so mad at my parents I started to cry!

May 14th 2014,
I guess it was not so bad I made new friends went to a new school and made more memories every day. We went on family vacations all the time. Chicago, England,and Costa rica. When we went to Chicago there were so many homeless people on the street. I gave $1.00 to every person by the end of the trip I was practically broke by the end of the trip.

November 9th 2016,
Today I have an awesome teacher, amazing friend who keep me standing. I am learning about my home and how it is so important. Me , my mom my dad and my loving brother + my nanny are really what makes my house a home. I believe that we can give everyone a proper home!