Grade 6

New Brunswick

What home means to me

What home means to me
After a tremendously boring day of school I finally came home to my relaxing couch in the corner of the living room. “Ahh…” It Has been a long week but I can look forward to the next few days as there is no school. But mom tells me “Get ready we’re going to go shopping!” So much for a weekend relaxing at home.
As we drive to the mall I notice a homeless man on the side of the building begging for money. As we enter the mall the homeless man asks for money. I want to give him some but why I ask for money my mom just ignores me asking for money.
I feel sad that homeless people have to live this way. Begging for money and hoping someone will notice them. If only everyone lives in a home the world would be a better place.
I feel ashamed I have to look and listen to that homeless man. I don’t have anything to give him. My fingers dive into my pockets. My feel something squished in there. It’s a five dollar bill! Quickly I run up to that man and give him my money. He smiles in appreciation. “Thank you” he says. I feel good.
After these events I wish everyone would live In a home. At least. I hope so In the future. One person at a time we must help so to make other people’s lives happier. Imagine you are a homeless person. Would you have liked to be homeless? Would you have liked lying on the streets begging for money? I would hope not.