Grade 4


What home Means to me

There is somewhere I love.. can you guess? it’s the most fluffiest, most comfiest and the most safest place I know and it’s home!!

My home was one of the first things I ever saw! What I remembered was when I first walked in it already felt like a I was made for this, my home is my friend I spend almost all my time in it. I have two cats named Alex and Yui , they’re one of the things that make me feel safe they always sleep with me too, they’re fun to have around!

I Love my home with all my heart! I always have fun in my home sometimes I get to invite people to play with so they could play with me at my home . I do my homework in my home to like right now!
Whenever i’m home with my mom I always clean up because I can’t stand my home dirty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like keeping it clean so I don’t have the chills in the night, I feel very comfy after I clean my home up.

My home is my nature. Like I said, I spend almost all my time in my home. I was born in Canada to!
What I noticed about my home is that it’s my home, not my house ,it’s the home I’m comfy in , I have a home and they have a house that they call home.

I think my home is the most greatest thing I have in life… IT’S THE BEST GIFT EVER!!!!! I’m pretty thankful for it with all my heart♥.