Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

Home is a place where you can feel safe, loved and welcomed. When I was a little kid, I didn’t know that home meant all those things. I thought that home meant the same thing as a house. Probably because back then, a definition of home to me would be my house.But, I soon realized that a home isn’t always a house.It can be anywhere or anything.A home to everyone will make them feel a different way, but every home is unique and it’s way of welcoming you will never change.

Home to me is a safe and happy place where everything is unique and remarkable to you and your family. It is a place that can shelter you, keep you warm and welcomes you. A home can be different to everyone, but all the memories will be by your sides.A home is the bright light in the gloomy area and a place that you will stay within you.Homes have people that care about you and are always there to support you when you are in difficult situations. In my home, I have a very supportive family, I have a huge flat screen T.V, food is provided and I always have clothes to wear.There is a piano that I play every night and I have a big cozy bedroom that I sleep in, do my homework, and look out the window for a beautiful scenery.Pictures of our vacations and when I was younger gives us memories as they are hung around my home.That’s what makes my home unique.With feelings of love, care, warmth, comfort, peace and freedom, your home is a wonderful place to be in. Without a home, you can’t survive and be loved. There’s no place like home.