Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

What home means to me

I think that home is where you feel cozy and where you usually live. I think that home can be anything and anywhere, it doesn’t have to have a price. To me, home is where you are loved and it’s a place that you love too, it’s a place that you care about.

When i think of home, it reminds me of my cozy room because it’s where I usually stay at and i really enjoy doing things in there like reading and drawing . Home also reminds me of food because my mom cooks really well and it makes me think of how my family always eat together for dinner. Home makes me think about computers and TVs because my family and I would use computers and the TV all the time. Home reminds me of my toys and books, when i was little I played with my toys everyday and I always read at home. Music is also what reminds me of when I think about home because my mom always plays music from her cell phone. I think about pets because my family has had a lot of pets and home kind of reminds me of dogs barking because my neighbors have dogs, they and my puppy would bark loudly sometimes. This is what home reminds me of .