Grade 6


What home means to me

Home, a place where I’m loved and a place to love. It’s a place where I am cared for and safe. It’s an AWESOME place for you to live and be comfortable. Your home can be anywhere. Your home is where you feel cozy, safe, comfortable and a place where you like to be. Your home can be a home country, your home town or just your home. A home doesn’t have to be a house.

Optimistic, hope, love, faith, brave, peace, trust, care, kindness, strong, comfort, cozy, safe, happiness, joy, gratefulness, thankful, honesty, Empathy, Courage Initiative, gratitude, blessed,
Responsibility, acceptance, Perseverance, Respect and creativity. All of those make me feel at home.

Every home should be a safe place. A place where you like to live and a place to be comfortable. A place where you can live in peace.

Some things that remind me of home are………

My family remind me of home because they are loving and caring. My family makes up most of my home. Food reminds me of home because it reminds me of when my family and I eat together and when my parents cook food for my family and I. Beds remind me of home because it reminds me of how cozy and comfortable my bed is and how much I like to sleep. Electronics remind me of my home because I have electronics in my house and they are fun to play on and fun to watch Youtube on. School reminds me of home because we are very lucky to be able to have a school in our town. I don’t like school but I am thankful for it. I am thankful for Canada and Markham because that is where I live and I love the place I live. My house reminds me of home because I am very thankful for my home and I it is what I live in and it protects me from the rain, snow, hail, wind and other types of weather.

I Love my home and I hope more people across the world will get a home as good as mine.