Ava marie

Grade 5


what home means to me

By: Ava Marie

The definition of home means to me a loving caring place where I live .when I come home after school it feels so good to be home. After that I go up to my room change and lie down. Every one needs a home because it’s a loving place where you live. When you have your own home you will have your own room where you go every night to sleep. That will make you feel so happy. Your home will provide you shelter and warmth. I don’t know what it is but when you come one you have a great feeling. My home is a place where you are loved no madder what even if your mad and when your sad. We help each other no madder what. We all do chores to help the house stay clean. We all put our clothes away and clean our rooms when there messy. Every one should have a home. I love my home.