Grade 5


what home means to me

Some people say “home sweet home” others say “home is where the heart is.” I agree with them all but, some people wouldn’t they have never experienced a good home. In winter are you warm in your house with a furnace, well then you’re lucky some people live on the street and are cold in winter. Having a home isn’t just having a house though it’s the feeling of family in the air. If you don’t have a home with a good feeling of family it’s just a house. A house is not a home a home has love houses don’t necessarily. You can live in a house a apartment a condo or even on the street but you can still call it a home so if you see someone who is homeless I mean houseless try to buy them a sandwich or tell them about a nearby food bank that concludes my essay on the meaning of home.

A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it
George Moore