Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Home means to me that you can feel safe and not have to worry about anything that can harm you. Home means that whenever you’re in fear you should stay positive and feel safe. I feel safe in my home because my parents are there to watch me.

Home should be a place where you can relax and feel comfortable. Even though some people sadly don’t have a structure as a home, they can still be able to feel comfortable and relaxed. I relax at home by just lying down and shutting my eyes. So just remember that whatever you call home that you can relax.

Home is a place of love. In every home there is at least a little bit of love. Even if your family is arguing., love is still there. There is love in my home. Even though people in my home might argue we still love each other. In conclusion home means to me a place of love, a place to feel safe, and a place to feel comfortable and relaxed.