Grade 5


what home means to me

What Home Means to Me
by: Reagan Stewart

The definition of home means love to me. Love means helping each other like if I am upset my parents would talk to me about it and try to help me. We also take care of each other because we love each other, for instance, my dad took care of my sister when she sprained her wrist. When we were babies our parents took care of us and fed us and taught us important life skills. We trust our family, because in a home you can trust your family to keep secrets and try to find a way to help you if you are having a hard time and don’t want other people to know. Love is also understanding, like understanding each other’s personalities and feelings, so if one person likes dogs and the other likes cats, its ok, everyone can like anything, and that’s what makes the world beautiful. I hope that everyone gets a home to show and share their love with their family.