Grade 4


What home means to me

A home is a shelter or a habitat with thoughts and memories like the first time you walked at your home and where I walked at mine.

Home is a place that I own for myself but you own yours, nobody could own anybody’s home but they could own their house, all people have homes but not everyone has a home in a house, their home is the country, a home is basically a place filled with memories, in your bedroom, in your kitchen, and in your backyard, it’s everywhere.

Home…It’s a place where you feel comfortable and secure and it’s the most best playing and studying place, this means I think that my home is the most calmful place I could think of I think your home is the most calmful place you could think of too.

A home could be anywhere around the city, country, and the in the world but a house has to be a structure or a building, so don’t take home and house is the same thing because they’re not, a house is only a property or a building not a home.

The difference between a home and a house is that a home is a shelter with thoughts and memories because a house is just a house a house with different shapes and sizes but has no thoughts in it, once again this means to me that houses and homes never mean the same like 2 negative charges or 2 positive charges.