Grade 5


What home means to me

What does home mean to me ?

My home is not an ordinary home. There are special parts of my home that shows me like where I get my manners from and (etc.). The home doesn’t make a connection with you ,you make a connection with it. Personally I consider home as a place deep down in your heart where you keep memories. Like when you had your first birthday. The time the you had you first loose tooth and you were really excited! Maybe the first steps you took and so on but there are so much memories that you keep in a home ,That is why when you have to move it’s so hard the reason why are because you’re leaving your friends,your family and neighbourhood behind. Do you know what home
means?… ,To me home stands for … How,Our,Manners,Express. In my home I have my mom we have lot’s of fun together in our home we do art activities together and just fun stuff in general but those are all memories to keep,capture and admire . I’m gonna grow up in my home look in my photo book and say, “Good times’’. I am grateful that i have a place that I can call home. That is what home means to me. What does home mean to you?