Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

My home is the best home ever. I have been in the same home since I was born. It keeps me safe from everything. I always know who comes in and goes all the time. I have stuff I know I can use because I have it. Home is a loved place, but not just any place. My home is very amazing, I just can’t believe how safe my own home is. Home gives you love when you feel down, and gives you so much care and safety. Home is a place to live, you can do anything at home. Time by time you know what home really is. You learn more about your home everyday. Home protects you from the outside world if there is something you do not like. My home is great and warm, it means everything to me. Whenever I am home, I don’t need to worry about anything because my parents are watching over me. Home is a a place to go after school or work so you don’t have to go everywhere looking for a home. Home is not just a home,it’s where you live. Home is not even just a house. A house is not yours, but a home belongs to you. Home is a place to eat awesome food, a place to celebrate your happiest moments, and a place to share. Maybe you live in a basement, it’s alright because at least you have a place to live. A home is where you meet your family everyday. Home is where you throw a party and even where you store your unforgettable memories. My home is where I store my memories as a baby girl and having fun with my family. Even when me and my family went to our cousins house for a Halloween party. This is the true meaning of this wonderful place called home!

By: Maiher